Our Mission 

   Higher Grade is more than just a brand of boutique dispensaries. At our core, we are skilled and dedicated cannabis cultivators who take immense pride in growing exceptional flower. We are extremely particular about the strains we cultivate, with quality and variety guiding our strain selections. At Higher Grade, we know our customers and patients are also particular when it comes to the strains and styles of cannabis they choose to consume.


   Humans have a unique and longstanding relationship with cannabis that has only recently began to be studied and explored. We feel that providing education about the cannabis plant, its chemical components, and their effects on the human body, can provide the knowledge paramount in being an informed cannabis consumer. While we are not medical professionals, and this discussion is not a medical recommendation, we hope this conversation will help you understand your body’s relationship with cannabis and aid you in determining which strains and styles have the potential to provide desired flavors, feelings, and effects.


   One of our main goals in providing this mix of cannabis research and anecdotal evidence, is to expand the conversation our customers, patients, and budtenders have about cannabis, beyond individual flavor preferences, and Sativa or Indica classifications. We aim for a more holistic conversation that includes the phytochemically rich and diverse nature of cannabis, as well as the synergy between flavor profiles and desired effects. Additionally, we hope the information we provide can help to bridge the gap between cannabis science and culture.

Higher Grade is a team of cultivators and purveyors of high quality cannabis. We are not medical professionals and are in no way offering a medical recommendation. The conversation we are having about cannabis is a mix of research findings and anecdotal evidence, and our goal is to help bridge the gap between science and culture. The information we provide is not meant to diagnose, treat, or cure any
medical issue. Federal prohibition has severely limited cannabis research, and we recognize and emphasize the need for more.