Exciting news at Higher Grade!

Today July 5th, 2022, we are rolling out a new point of sale which means a few changes for our valued customers.

Online Ordering:

Online ordering is accessed on our website on each store's menu page. The 'Order Now' button will take you to our new online store, and you will be asked to upload your ID and medical card (if applicable) upon placing an order. Be aware when ordering bulk flower, it is sold in 1/8th increments. So, for example, if you desire a half-ounce of Kush Mints, you select '4' 1/8ths. (Rec only, medical coming soon)


We have a brand new loyalty program for all of our stores! The more you spend, the more you earn! To be part of our loyalty program, you must provide your phone number and subscribe to our Loyalty Texts. If you unsubscribe, you will no longer be part of our loyalty program. Rec. members will no longer receive an automatic 10% off of non-discounted items but can now accrue loyalty points on every purchase. Medical members will still receive their 10% discount on non-discounted items. Please know we are in the process of transferring previously earned points for all our medical members to our new program.

Bulk Flower Pricing and Structure have changed: