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Smoker's Choice

Higher Grade Smoker’s Choice is a place for you to share your preference when it comes to the strains we grow, your favorite phenotype during a Pheno Hunt, strain name ideas for new strains, and much much more.

Dosi-Sherb Pheno Hunt


Our first round of Smoker's Choice is a Pheno Hunt of Dosido X Sunset Sherbet seeds. In the past, we have selected phenotypes from a round of seeds internally. Our decision to pick a particular pheno over others depends on finding "the one" that has both pronounced esthetic beauty and a rich terpene profile that activates the senses. We feel like it's time to get input from our Higher Grade smokers. 


For a limited time, pick up a pre-packed quarter that contains three different phenotypes of Dosido X Sunset Sherbet, known around Higher Grade as Dosi Sherb. Each pre-pack will have a QR code on the back that will take you to the Smoker’s Choice page, where you can vote for your favorite phenotype. The pheno # with the most votes will be the one we keep!

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