Blood Orange

Blood Orange

Trop Cookies F2 x Orange Zkittlez

Top Terpenes: 

Blood Orange is an exceptional and exclusive strain to Higher Grade. We bred this flavor-packed beauty in-house by crossing Tropicanna Cookies F2 with Orange Zkittlez. We are so happy with the results! Blood Orange has a flavor profile heavy with citrus and floral notes with hints of gingery spice. Its most prevalent terpenes are Caryophyllene, Linalool, and Limonene. Caryophyllene can be very calming to the body, bringing relief from pain, anxiety, and depression, and has a spicy, citrus aroma. Linalool can be very soothing and is the active component of lavender oil. Its flavor and aroma are floral and citrus-packed. Limonene provides the citrus aroma we recognize from citrus peels and juniper. It is known to provide relief from depression and gastrointestinal issues. Blood Orange's average total THC content is 18.7%, which is not significant comparatively; however, Blood Orange delivers a potent high, perfect for the morning or creative occasions.

Terpene Profile: