(Blue Dream x OG male)

Top Terpenes: 

Sueno, a cross of Blue Dream and an OG male, is a classic Higher Grade strain, with its total THC content averaging 23%. The strain is a longstanding favorite for its flavor and aroma of fresh blueberry with hints of vanilla and herbs. Many report Sueno to provide and uplifting high, perfect for creativity and daytime activities. The uplifting effects are most likely due to the high levels of Pinene, its most dominant terpene. Pinene provides an herbal, piney aroma, similar to that of pine needles, rosemary, and sage. Pinene is considered to be an energetic terpene, often providing feelings of alertness and mental clarity. Sueno contains significant levels of Myrcene, which add a sweet, funky musk to flavor and aroma. Sueno's high level of the sedative terpene Myrcene is balanced out by its Pinene content. Myrcene can potentiate the psychoactive effects of THC, while Pinene is powerful at counteracting them.

Terpene Profile: