Super Sour Lemon

Super Sour Lemon

(Cali Sour x Lemon OG Kush)

Top Terpenes: 

Super Sour Lemon is a highly uplifting and energetic strain that provides effects traditionally associated with Sativa strain types. Its total THC content has an average of 25%. The flavor profile has elements of lemon, pine, and gasoline. Its most dominant terpene is Terpinolone, which imparts a fresh herbal element to the aroma, and is a known antibacterial and antifungal agent. High values of Terpinolene are less frequent in most of our strains, and we are currently researching Terpinolene so we may confidently add it to our Terpene Guide. Myrcene is the next most abundant terpene, and provides a skunky, musty aroma, with relaxing, and sedative effects. Pinene is next in the terpene profile, adding the piney fresh element to the aroma. Pinene is known to aid in cognition, memory retention, and act as a bronchodilator. Limonene is another significant terpene found in thr strain, and imparts the classic citrus element to the flavor and aroma. Limonene has the potential to provide energy, lift the mood upon inhalation, and be both an antibacterial and antifugal agent. With three very uplifting terpenes, Terpinolene, Pinene, and Limonene, Super Sour Lemon has the ability to provide a very energetic, heady high, which may be too powerful for some.

Terpene Profile: