Unicorn Poop

Unicorn Poop

GMO X Sophisticated Lady

Top Terpenes: 

Unicorn Poop is a stunning cross of GMO and Sophisticated Lady, with colorful buds, boasting bright purple and green hues and plenty of trichomes. Its flavor and aroma contain a pleasant blend of citrus and floral notes with hints of pungent spice. Unicorn Poop's most prevalent terpenes are Limonene, Caryophyllene, Linalool, and Myrcene, giving complexity to its flavor profile. Limonene provides an aroma like lemon rinds and juniper, while Caryophyllene has a spicier citrus scent like clove and frankincense. Linalool is exceptionally floral, similar to lavender and rose, and Myrcene is earthy and skunky. Limonene can add some energy to the high and is also known to act as an anti-depressant, and digestive aid, upon consumption. Caryophyllene is also known to soothe depression, as well as calm anxiety and stomach discomfort. Linalool is said to have similar effects to lavender oil upon inhalation and can be soothing and relaxing to the mind and body. Myrcene is the most sedative of all the terpenes and potentiates the psychoactive effects of THC. With its combination of major terpenes and average total THC content of 23.8%, Unicorn Poop has the potential to be a "feel good" strain with a memorable flavor, perfect for just about any occasion.

Terpene Profile: