GMO x Dosidos

Top Terpenes: 

Yuckmouth is one of our more potent strains. It is a cross off GMO and Dosidos with an average total THC content of 29.86%, much higher than our other strains. Its flavor is musky, earthy, and heavy with garlic. Yuckmouth's dominant terpenes are Myrcene and Limonene. Myrcene potentiates the psychoactive effects of THC, and Yuckmouth is high in THC. The combination of Yuckmouth's high Myrcene content and high THC content is almost guaranteed to leave you feeling extremely "high." Limonene is a powerful free-radical scavenger and mood lifter, also known to offer GI relief. Yuckmouth is strong! We recommend you enjoy it when that is all you have to do.

Terpene Profile: